"Frightful Nights" Writing Contest

Thanks for all your entries!! We had some amazing stories to choose from and below are the 3 winners! Each teen received a gift card to Anderson's Bookshop as their prize. Thank you to everyone who participated!


Alex S.-
It was a dark and stormy night,
                                All was gravely still,
                                                Shadows preyed around menacing corners.
                                                                It gave me quite a chill.
Death was on her breath and hung suspended in the air.
                The moon was full,
                                Black cats roamed the eerie alleyways.
                                                Suddenly something rammed into my skull.
Stars crowded my vision.                            
                And she was there.
                                I found it no use to fight back.
                                                For then it wouldn’t have been fair.




Gina W.-

It was a dark and stormy night. Claire's mind flooded with worry. This line, cliche as all get out, was her feeble attempt at writing the horror story that was due tomorrow. Always looking for a new way to procrastinate, Claire promised that she would get down to business as soon as she went downstairs and got an apple to munch. So the words sat, sedentary, anxiously awaiting her return and the slim chance that she might improve upon them.

On the way downstairs, she hummed to herself. Because of her little ditty, she did not hear the shriek from her parents’ room across the hall. Also escaping her notice was the cry of "She should be dead any minute now!"

Portraits of skeletons hung on the walls, following Claire closely as she skipped down the stairs. Ravens, black cats, and all things macabre littered the mantelpiece above the fireplace. All eyes, beady, skeletal, and otherwise were on the girl as she pranced along, obviously oblivious to their stares.

Once she reached the kitchen, she pulled open the refrigerator, paying no mind to the note that hung on the door. It read You're next! in a shaky, crimson scrawl that looked suspiciously like blood.

Satisfied with her snack, Claire flitted back upstairs, as quiet as the rats that scurried about at her feet. With a sigh, she slumped down at her desk once more. "I have absolutely nothing to write about!"


Vivian Y.-
It was a dark and stormy night, my silhouette sprawled across the pavement, looking vaguely like a spindly tree coming to life. I crouched down, breathing fast and hard, peering over my shoulder constantly. The wind whispered knowingly, making my fine hairs prickle. Suddenly, a shuffling of feet sounded across the street. I whipped my head toward the sound, only to find that it was a group of small children lazily wandering around. How could they be so ignorant? Such was the question that we- the hunters of the night- all ask. I turned my attention back to the alley, still alert. I must have lost them.

But then another shadow loomed over mine, growing in size by the second. I whirled around, ready to flee or fight. The creature menaced the entire alley with its heavyset body clad in cream and crimson. With each lumbering step, it breathed heavily with large shudders. I could never beat this thing, not with only my small pocket knife. And so I ran, sprinting out as the cool air bit into my cheeks and stung my eyes. I could hear it following me, catching up with its slow but long strides. I ran and ran with laboring breaths and aching muscles, until I stepped into the woods.

There in front of me was a monster even more menacing. A skeletal shape on four legs slinked out from behind the trees; it would have looked graceful if not for its emaciated state, skin barely hanging on to the bones. I was surrounded, doomed. But then I had hope: the sun slowly peeked out over the treetops, forcing the creatures to hide from humanity, back to their world. The most terrifying day of the year was over, for tomorrow would be December 26.





Our next writing contest will be in April for National Poetry Month!