Small Study Rooms


Looking for a quiet place to work or study, we have quiet rooms at Nichols Library and 95th Street Library for you to use.


Naperville Public Library has group study rooms available for public use. The Library’s group study rooms are designed to meet the needs of patrons who want to work together in small groups for limited periods of time.
Nichols Library
2 rooms with 6 chairs; 2 rooms with 4 chairs; 1 room with 2 chairs
Large Group Study Room at Nichols Library
Small Group Study Room at Nichols Library
Naper Boulevard Library
Study Room at Naper Boulevard Library
2 rooms with 4 chairs
Study Room at Naper Boulevard Library
1 room with 6 chairs
95th Street has six study rooms
Large Group Study Room at 95th Street Library
2 rooms with 8 chairs
Small Group Study Rooms at 95th Street Library
4 rooms with 4 chairs


  1. Small rooms are available on a first come, first served basis to groups and individuals. Sign-in for room use may be required. The person who signs for the room is responsible for the condition of the room upon vacating. Misuse of the rooms may result in the loss of room privileges.
  2. The Library reserves the right to limit the use of group study rooms to Naperville Public Library cardholders as necessary.
  3. Library staff may reserve a small room or rooms when administering an examination under the provisions of Policy 252, Examination Proctoring, or to provide other library activities or services.
  4. Each small room has a capacity limit which is posted for the room.
  5. There is a one-hour per use time limit on the small rooms when others are waiting for a room. Library staff may extend time when no one is waiting for a room.
  6. The Library’s General Rules of Conduct, Policy 310, must be observed while using the small rooms.