Notification Schedule

The Library sends out courtesy notification through phone, U.S. Mail, email and text. Refer to the chart below for schedule of times when notices are sent.

Schedule of Notificaions

 TypePhoneU.S. MailEmailText
2-day pre-noticeNoNo7:20am7:20am
Overdue9am-2pm, 2:30pm-9pm10:00am8:30am8:30am
Holds9am-2pm, 2:30pm-9pm10:00am8:30am, 2:30pm8:30am, 2:30pm
BillsNomore than $15 at 10am$5-$14.99 at 8:30amNo


All notifications are a courtesy. Failure to receive notification is not the responsiblity of the Library.