One in a Million: The Cock Robin and Prince Castles Story



One-in-a-Million: the Cock Robin and Prince Castles Story.  59 min.  [Naperville, Illinois, 2004].  DVD.  Produced by Naperville Community Television, Channel 17.  Copyright held by NCTV17, permission granted to Naperville Public Library for use on this site.

Founded in Naperville in 1931 by Walter Fredenhagen and Earl S. Prince as Prince Castles, later Cock Robin, this restaurant chain served ice cream and steakburgers throughout the Chicago area.  Known for its square ice cream scoops, thick “one-in-a-million” malted milks and multimixers once sold by Ray Kroc, the company prided itself on its quality ingredients and affordable prices.  The site of the original Cock Robin in Naperville is now Fredenhagen Park on the Riverwalk.