One-to-One Assistance

Naperville Public Library Now Offers One-to-One Computer Assistance

Want to work on a project or learn more about computers in a relaxed setting one-to-one with an instructor? Then the Naperville Public Library's One-to-One Computer Assistance is for you! Working with one of the Computer Lab Associates, you will get individualized, uninterrupted help with the topic of your choice.

Topics Offered:

  • Basic Computing: Mouse Operation and File Organization - For novice users: basic definitions of computer parts and windows; practice mouse/keyboard operation; create folders to organize files; navigate various drives, etc.
  • Basic Email - Sign-up for an e-mail account; read, create and send e-mails; navigate an e-mail interface; create contacts.
  • Basic Internet - Learn about browser interfaces; basic terminology; search and navigate the Internet; Internet safety.
  • Choose Your Own Topic - Learn about a specific topic important to you. Let us know ahead of time what confuses you so we are ready to assist. Clear your thoughts to finish your project yourself.

FAQs - General

Is there a registration fee or how much do the One-to-One session cost?
There is an attendance fee for each one-to-one session that must be paid at the time of registration to hold your spot. Naperville Public Library cardholders can register for $20 and any other patron can register for $40. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person. If you cancel a week or more before the date, we can transfer you to another time slot. 

Where are the sessions offered?
Currently, sessions are offered at various times the Nichols and the 95th Street locations.

FAQs - Registration

How do I sign up?
One-to-One Assistance registration must be done in person at the Computer Lab of any our library location. Please have your Naperville Public Library card with you to register.

When should I register?
As soon as possible, sessions fill up quickly.

If I am registered and cannot make it to the session should I call to cancel?
If you cannot attend the session for any reason, please let the Computer Lab staff know so that we can offer the spot to someone on our waiting list.  To reschedule, you must call the Computer Lab a week or more before your appointment.