Get downloadable eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMusic and eVideos from NPL's OverDrive Catalog. All you need is a valid Naperville Public Library card.

Help from OverDrive

Step by Step Instructions

Downloading eAudiobooks
Downloading to Kindle Readers (black & white)
-This includes instructions for downloading to a Kindle via USB cable.
Downloading to Nook Readers (black & white)
-This can also be used for other non-Kindle eReaders, or for reading eBooks on a computer.
Downloading to Smart Devices & Tablets


Is there a limit on how many downloadable titles I can check out?

  • Yes, there is a limit of 15 titles at a time through our OverDrive catalog.

Is there a limit on how Holds I can have?

  • Yes, there is a limit of 25 titles at a time.

How long is my check out for?

  • Your check out time defaults to 3 weeks, although you can choose a shorter time period.

Can I renew my titles?

  • Yes, so long as there are no Holds on the title. The Renew icon will be green if there are no holds, and will show on your Bookshelf. You can't renew until 3 days before the title expires.

Do I have to worry about late fees?

  • You never have to worry about late fees. Your title should expire, once your loan period is over.

Can I return an eBook or eAudiobook early?

  • Yes, you can.

Why are some titles not available for check out, even though I can see them in the OverDrive catalog?

  • Most of the titles in our OverDrive catalog have 1 copy per user at any given time, due to copyright restrictions. If we purchase 3 copies of a downloadable title, then 3 users can check it out at the same time.

How do I know which devices work with OverDrive?

I’m having trouble downloading books to my iPhone, any suggestions?

  • Many iPhone users suggest using iTunes to transfer audiobooks to their phones.

Need More Help?

Register for a classroom style workshops on Downloading eBooks or Downloading eAudiobooks and eMusic.

Call and make an appointment at your favorite location for one-on-one instruction
at your convenience. All users must have a valid Naperville Public Library card.