Place, Cancel, or Suspend Holds

You can place a "hold" on any item that is:

 1. Available - It will be pulled from the shelf by a staff member and held for you for one week.  There may be a delay in receiving available materials if they need to be transferred between branches.
2. Currently checked out to someone else - You will be placed on a waiting list to receive the item when it is returned.
3. Items that are “On Order” – You will be placed on a waiting list to receive the item after it is received and cataloged by the library.

How long will I have to pick up my hold?

You will have ONE week to pick up your holds at your chosen pickup location.

How do I find out my place in the hold queue? Can I change my pickup location?

First, log into My Account online. You may then view your place in the hold queue. You may change your pick up location too. If a hold is ready and waiting for you to pick up but you need to change the pickup location, you can call us at 630-961-4100 during open hours or visit any library location to request the change.

Can I cancel/suspend my holds?

Yes, when logged into  My Account online you may cancel holds that are no longer desired. You may suspend (freeze) your holds if you are going out of town and unfreeze (activate) them on your return.

I see “This hold is too old to be suspended.” What does that mean? 

It means that although you are still on the hold list, you can no longer freeze your hold.  This happens when an item has been on hold for more than 255 days.

How will the Library notify me of my holds?

You have four choices for receiving notices about your Library account:

  • E-mail notification - Select email notification and provide a correct email address. In addition, you have to make sure that the Library’s email address,, is on your "Safe List" or in your email address book.
  • Text messages via cell phone (Note:While there is no charge from the Library for this service, you may see a charge for incoming text messages at the standard rate applied by your cell phone carrier, depending on your plan or package. In order to receive text messages, you must select the email notification preference and provide an email address in addition to your cell phone number and cell phone provider.)
  • TeleCirc (automated phone messages)
  • Postal mail

Hold notification is a courtesy, and the Library is not responsible if notification is not received.

Tips on suspending (freezing) holds:

  • Firefox seems to work better when freezing or unfreezing holds.
  • Your suspended (frozen) holds will continue to move up the hold queue but will not be triggered for you until you unfreeze them.
  • If you can’t freeze some holds, cancel those holds you do not wish to receive right now, and then put the item(s) back on your hold list. This action will return you to the bottom of the wait list and allow you additional time to receive the desired materials.

What is the maximum number of holds I can place?

Naperville Public Library cardholders may place a hold on any circulating item. A maximum of 100 items may be reserved at a time. (This includes unfilled active and suspended holds, as well as holds available for pickup).