Plan A Visit

Great Reasons to Visit Naper Blvd. Library Today!


  1. Need an exam proctored? Ask staff at the Adult Services Desk on the Lower Level.

  2. Looking for some fun children’s books? You’re at the right place! Ask for help, if you don’t find what you want.

  3. Looking for a Wi-Fi connection? We have it! Anywhere within our building.

  4. Need a study carrel with a power supply and access to the Internet? We have it!

  5. Browse the CD bins on the Lower Level to discover a new group or find a golden oldie.

  6. Find at great book to check out!

  7. Do you have a long commute? Check-out Books-On-CD and begin enjoying your commute!

  8. Read the Investor’s Business Daily in the Adult newspaper section, located on the Lower Level.

  9. Search the Internet from our Computer Lab, located on the Lower Level.

  10. Have your preschooler explore the Early Literacy Center and find the letter A!

  11. Hungry? Use the vending machines located in the Lower Level lobby.

  12. Thirsty? Use the vending machines located in the Lower Level lobby.

  13. Submit an application for Library employment in the Human Resources Office.

  14. Encourage your children to produce a puppet play in the Early Literacy Center.

  15. Use the Group Study Rooms, located on the Lower Level, for group projects.

  16. Book the Lower Level Conference Rooms for a presentation.

  17. Stop by the Children’s Department and have your children solve some puzzles!

  18. Have your children draw some pictures – anytime you visit – with our supplies!

  19. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask staff; they’re happy to help!

  20. Need magazine articles for a school report? Search our Online Databases! (LINK)

  21. Need information and we’re closed? Search the Gale Virtual Reference Library from our Online Database offerings. (LINK)

  22. Bring your children to a story time. Click here for the schedule (LINK TO THE PROGRAM GUIDE)

  23. Sign-up to become notified about great reads like best sellers, business books, gardening etc. by clicking here. (LINK)

  24. Curious about Naperville’s history? Explore materials in the Naperville Heritage Collection, an Online Database. (LINK)

  25. Waiting for your ride to pick you up at the library? Enjoy using the new brown benches under the portico, outside.

  26. Teens, looking to volunteer? Join the Naper Blvd. Library TAGTeam! Ask staff about this fun opportunity.

  27. Need a movie to watch this weekend? Browse our vast collection of DVDs and Blu-rays!

  28. Want to learn more about science? Checkout our Great Books of Learning series on DVD!

  29. Got the cooking-dinner-blues? Checkout our epicurean magazines and new cook books!

  30. Need help selecting a perennial for your backyard? Checkout our gardening books!

  31. Do you have enough money to retire? Checkout our retirement resources to find out!

  32. Need to update your Library card? Stop by our Circulation Desk.

  33. Need help with your Library Account? Please ask staff!

  34. Rock and read in the new rocking chairs, located in the Children’s Department.

  35.  Looking for an interesting, economical and fun time? Attend a Library program! (LINK to program guide)

  36. Lost your bookmark? Pick-up a free one here!

  37. Lost your iPod at the Library? Ask Circulation Desk staff to check the lost and found bins.

  38. Need a high school textbook? We may have it. Ask staff at the Adult Services Desk.

  39. Want to talk about a great book you’ve read? Start talking! Staff loves to hear what you’ve enjoyed.

  40. Want everyone to read your book review? Write it up in NPL’s Library Catalog for everyone to see! (LINK)

  41. Want to bring a drink into the library? Certainly! Just make sure it has a lid.

  42. Looking for a way to give-back to the community? Volunteer here! (LINK)

  43. Need a photocopier? We have them.

  44. Play a game of chess with our game board, anytime!

  45. Voice your library experiences and ideas. Library Manager Karen Dunford’s office is on the Lower Level next to the Computer Lab.

  46. Library staff likes to see you!

  47. Expand your thinking by reading the thoughts of great authors.