Plan A Visit

Things To Do At 95th Street Library

  1. Marvel at the beautiful trees surrounding our facility
  2. See rainbows in the morning as the sun hits glass panels of the staircase
  3. Enjoy the amazing modern architecture
  4. Get lost in a book
  5. De-stress while you glance through current magazines
  6. Enjoy the vending area while using your laptop and our wireless connection
  7. Travel to other lands through our foreign language DVDs
  8. Enjoy our statue of “Green Eggs and Ham” which greets you at our entrance
  9. Watch your children play educational computer games or put on a play in the Early Literacy Center
  10. There’s always lots of parking


Other reasons…

  1. Find a good book
  2. Do homework
  3. Use our quiet study room or the group study rooms
  4. Sit and think
  5. Attend a program
  6. Learn something new
  7. Ask questions
  8. Pick up a hold
  9. Cool graphic novels
  10. Large Av collections
  11. Huge computer lab
  12. Spacious and sunny Children’s area
  13. All genres of adult fiction
  14. Teen area ….and more…