Print, Scan & Fax

How much does it cost to print?
You can print from any station in the computer labs. We also have double sided printing available.

  • Black and White prints - 10 cents per page
  • Color prints - 25 cents per page

Can I print from my laptop, mobile device, or from home?
Yes, we now have Web Printing so you can send print jobs to the Computer Labs via your own device. Just go to the Web Printing page and send your documents. You will be able to pick them up at the building you choose by looking for the username you selected during the printing process.
NOTE: Documents from Google Drive and Gmail will not print correctly to the Web Printing service. Please download these documents to your computer and then send them to print.

Do you have scanners?
We have scanner machines at select computers as well as a Simple Scan station. You can scan images and documents up to 11" x 17" in size or feed multiple pages using the Simple Scan station.

Do you have fax machines?
Our Simple Scan station allows you to fax for $1 per page domestic and $2 per page international.

You can also fax using the online fax service by scanning the documents and faxing them online. This fax service has its limitations – it’s free, but there’s an ad on the cover page and it’s limited to 3 pages.

We will be happy to assist you with either process, just stop in and we're happy to help.