QR Codes for Fiction Series

Determine where a book falls in a series while standing in the stacks!

Books written in series are very popular with our users and represent a large percentage of our fiction collection. Reading these books in series order is often important for continuity of character and plot development.  To help fans of series, Naperville Public Library is starting a new process of labeling materials.

QR Code Example

A label including text and a QR code has been added to the hardback, paperback, and book on CD editions of each title. The written text allows you to know the placement of a specific title within a series even if you don't own a smartphone.

QR Code Example
The QR code gives you additional information.  Using your smartphone, the QR code  links you to Fantastic Fiction, a well acknowledged provider of complete, accurate, and up-to-date ordered lists of books in series. The code enables you to see a complete list of all the books in the series to which a specific title belongs. You can then determine where the last book you read falls in the series, and the next title you should read. 

QR Code ExampleWith smartphone usage on the rise, we hope more and more of you will use the QR codes and labels to get the full benefit of a complete, ordered list of all the titles in a series, as well as the short text indicator of where a specific volume falls within a series. By adding these stickers to our fiction collection, Naperville Public Library staff hope we are meeting a need our users have often expressed -- a way to know where a book falls in a series while they are standing in the stacks. Enjoy!