The Naperville Riverwalk: the First 25 Years

The Naperville Riverwalk: the First 25 Years.  52 min.  [Naperville, Illinois, 2007].  DVD.  Produced by The Naperville Riverwalk Foundation in cooperation with Naperville Community Television, Channel 17.  Copyright held by NCTV17, permission granted to Naperville Public Library for use on this site.

The Naperville Riverwalk, a permanent memorial from the city’s Sesquicentennial in 1981, is considered by many as the centerpiece of the community.  In its early years the DuPage River was used to power mills and for swimming and ice skating.  By the 1970s it became polluted by industrial waste.  To revitalize the downtown area, the Riverwalk has become a reality through contributions from businesses, organizations and volunteers and has since expanded from the center of the city.  This film offers commentary from the original designers and architects, city mayors, and members of the Riverwalk Foundation.