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  • Blood Is Thicker: Bluford High by Paul Langan
    This book had a simple but slightly emotional story which was a great read. Throughout the story the author does a great job of helping the reader empathize with Hakeem and thus, making this a page-turner. Also, unlike most stories the conflicts could occur in real life. I would definitely recommend this book for teens though there are small bits of violence and darker concepts....
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  • London Calling by Edward Bloor
    Martin hates his school and has banished himself to live in his basement. When his grandmother dies she leaves him a radio and he puts it on his desk as a nightlight. The radio takes him back to the London Blitz where he meets a boy who teaches him the true meaning of family and that there is more to the truth than is told....
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  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
    This book is amazing and romantic. I thought that this book was very sad but had a beautiful story to go along with it. I bet that this book will be in the library for generations to come....
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  • Take Back The Skies by Lucy Saxon
    Though this has the makings of a great idea, this book fell short for me in a few ways. I liked the characters, but often felt I was blatantly being told what they thought, rather than their dialogue and actions conveying it. I think Lucy Saxon will grow as a writer as time passes, so I will keep reading the series to see....
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