"Thank You For Your Cooperation": A History of Centennial Beach


“Thank You for Your Cooperation”: A History of Centennial Beach.  57 min.  [Naperville, Illinois, 1992].  DVD.  Produced by Mary Lou Wehrli.  Copyright held by Mary Lou Wehrli, permission granted to Naperville Public Library for use on this site.

Centennial Beach, the heart of summer activity in downtown Naperville since 1931, has evolved from a limestone quarry to one of the top-rated swimming facilities in the nation.  Begun as a memorial to the city’s centennial anniversary, the man-made beach has incorporated improvements over the years to reflect the needs of its users.  While tracing its history and detailing its operations, the film also shows the joy of a day at the beach experienced by people of all ages.  Interviews with long time users demonstrate its lasting appeal.  Centennial Beach enhances the nearby Riverwalk established in 1981 and is managed by the Naperville Park district.