Two Brothers, One Beer and the American Dream

Two Brothers, One Beer and the American Dream.  46 min.  [Naperville, Illinois, 2007].  Produced by Naperville Community Television, Channel 17.  Copyright held by NCTV17, permission granted to Naperville Public Library for use on this site.

The Stenger Brewery, which operated in Naperville from around 1851 to its close in 1892, was a major industry in Naperville.  The business was started by Peter Stenger and then managed by his sons John and Nicholas.  The Stenger brothers brewed a lager beer that was popular throughout DuPage County and even Chicago.  Adolph Coors was an employee at one time.  In 1959, the brewery buildings at Franklin and Webster streets were torn down.  Naperville Heritage Society staff, beer historians, and Stenger descendants are interviewed.