Donation | Partnership

The Naperville Public Library welcomes donations in all forms including volunteering, cash, materials, and in-kind donations. We also invite you to support the Library by Partnering with the Library sharing your own Library story, becoming a Board Trustee, or speaking out on behalf of the Library.
Donate Money
Donate MoneyThe Library welcomes cash donations. Cash donations are accepted for memorial and honor book purchases, program sponsorship, naming opportunities, and general fund support from bequests, trusts or planned giving to the Library directly or through the Library Foundation.
Donate Books
Donate BooksA great way to support your Library and clean-up your home or office bookshelves is to donate your used materials to the Library. The Library may add your donation to the collection according to the Collection Development policy. Items not added to the collection may be offered for sale or transferred to other institutions. All book sale proceeds are used to benefit Naperville Public Library.
Donate In-Kind
In-Kind donationA fun way to support the Naperville Public Library is through In-Kind donations.  These can be coupons, raffle prizes, guest speakers, services, or other means.   Many individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations generously support the Library programs throughout the year with goods and services.   A wide array of opportunities is available and can be customized to fit your desires and budget.
Partnering With the Library
 Partnering With the LibraryIf you are interested in partnering with the Library, please fill out the Partnership Request Form and a Library representative will contact you.