Teen SRP Reviews 2014

Books read and reviewed by you!

  • A Diamond In The Desert by Kathryn Fitzmaurice
    It helped me understand about how tough the times were for the Japanese in World War 2. It was very inspirational and heart warming....
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  • The Man by Travis Nichols
    This book was really fun to read, however some parts of the story seemed pointless and were kind of boring.Besides that though, one of the main reasons why I like this book is because of how relatable Matthew's life is! He faces many problems in the book that I have had to deal with myself (e.g. not being allowed to buy something because your parents won't allow it). Another reason why I recomend this book is because Travis (the author) has great sense of humor. A lot of laughs, plus a relatable story, equals a trip to the library or bookstore to read the book for yourself. ...
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  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
    This book was super macabre and the ending left me feeling really surprised. I would recomend this book to pepole who like books that have bigger vocabulary and twisted endings....
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