Chapter Books for 2nd and 3rd Graders

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By Byers, Besty
Amber Brown is not a crayon
By Danziger, Paula
Georgie Lee
By Denslow, Sharon
Spotlight on Cody
By Duffey, Besty
The Whipping Boy
By Fleischman, Sid
Bug in a Rug
By Gilson, Jamie
Owen Foote, frontiersman
By Greene, Stephanie
Pee Wee & Plush
By Hurwitz, Johanna
Mystery of Too Many Elvises
By Levy, Elizabeth
Judy Moody
By McDonald, Megan
7 x 9 = Trouble!
By Mills, Claudia
Dear Whiskers
By Nagda, Ann Whitehead
Stuart's Cape
By Pennypacker, Sara
Lizzie Logan Gets Married
By Spinelli, Eileen
Charlotte's Web
By White, E. B.
Little House in the Big Woods
By Wilder, Laura Ingalls