Dinosaurs for All Ages

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By Lund, Deb
Bronto Eats Meat
By Maloney, Peter
The Super Hungry Dinosaur
By Waddell, Martin
By Wheeler, Lisa
Dinosaur Hunter
By Alphin, Elaine Marie
Buster Hunts for Dinosaurs
By Brown, Marc Tolon
T-Rex Is Missing!
By De Paola, Tomie
By Hooke, R. Schuyler
Eloise and the Dinosaur
By McClatchy, Lisa
The Reading Champion
By Vail, Rachel
My Daniel
By Conrad, Pam
The Case of the Dinosaur Birds
By Erickson, John R.
The Stolen Bones
By Keene, Carolyn
Dinosaur Trouble
By King-Smith, Dick
Jurassic Grampa
By Scroggs, Kirk