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Come Fly with Me
By Ichikawa, Satomi
Moon Plane
By McCarty, Peter
Flying Jack
By Petrie, Kathye Fetsko
Isabel's Car Wash
By Bair, Sheila
My Taxi Ride
By Jacobs, Paul DuBois, and Jennifer Swender
Car Wash
By Steen, Sandra, and Susan Steen
Sail Away, Little Boat
By Buell, Janet
Tugga-Tugga Tugboat
By Lewis, Kevin
Matthew's Truck
By Ayres, Katherine
Pug in a Truck
By Coffelt, Nancy
Truck Driver Tom
By Wellington, Monica
Truck Stuck
By Wolf, Sallie
By Lehman, Barbara
Animals Aboard!
By Peters, Andrew Fusek
Choo Choo Clickety-Clack!
By Mayo, Margaret
Good Night Engines
By Mortensen, Denise Dowling
Truck Duck
By Rex, Michael
Red Light, Green Light
By Suen, Anastasia
Who Is Driving?
By Timmers, Leo