Values for Young Children

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Franklin Forgives
By Jennings, Sharon
Forgiving a Friend
By Kroll, Virginia L.
Doodle Bites
By Dunbar, Polly
Budgie & Boo
By McPhail, David
Alex and Lulu: Two of a Kind
By Siminovich, Lorena
Boxes for Katje
By Fleming, Candace
Brother Juniper
By Gibfried, Diane
The Show-and-Tell Lion
By Abercrombie, Barbara
Miko. “It Was Me, Mom!”
By Weninger, Brigitte
Please Don’t Tease Tootsie
By Chamberlain, Margaret
City Angel
By Spinelli, Eileen
Baby Dragon
By Ehrlich, Amy
Katie Loves the Kittens
By Himmelman, John
Chip and the Karate Kick
By Rockwell, Anne F.
Time for the Fair
By Train, Mary
Have You Fed the Cat?
By Coxon, Michèle
Jason Takes Responsibility
By Kroll, Virginia L.
Dirty Gertie
By Mortensen, Lori
Stanley and the Class Pet
By Saltzberg, Barney
Bears on Chairs
By Parenteau, Shirley
The Delicious Bug
By Perlman, Janet
The Very Greedy Bee
By Smallman, Steve