Unincorporated Cards

If you live in unincorporated Naperville, you may purchase a full service library card for each person in the household. The card is valid for 1 year. To purchase your Nonresident card, stop by any Library location with any of the following:

  • Your most recent tax bill
  • A copy of your assessment notice or assessment advice (which gives the assessed valuation) issued by your township accessor's office
  • A current lease, rent receipt or copy of a cancelled rent check

The fee, covering the cost of cards for the entire household, is established by a formula mandated by the Illinois State Library. Property owners in unincorporated Naperville will be charged the assessed valuation of their property, less the homestead exemption, using the current library tax rate of the appropriate county. This is the Tax Bill Method. The property owner will thereby pay the same amount as would be paid if the property were in the Library service area.

Renters in unincorporated Naperville will pay an amount equal to 15% of their monthly rent payment. Renters must present a current lease, rent receipt or copy of a cancelled rent check.