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Summer Reading Program 2014 Adult

  • Liar and Spy
    Enjoyed it, great for young adults. Themes of overcoming fears and standing up for oneself. ... more

  • Winter's Bone
    A compelling look at a small Ozark community. As Ree struggles to find her meth dealer father, she comes up against a cast of unique and frightening characters. I got a little bogged down in some of Ree's internal pondering but the dialog, descriptions and actions were razor sharp and lovely.... more

  • Etiquette and Espionage
    This was an entertaining book for young adults! I recommended this to my 12-year-old, after I listened to it, and she really enjoyed it too. It follows the story of Sophronia, whose mother unwittingly sends her to a finishing school to learn the art of espionage.... more