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Summer Reading Program 2014 Adult

  • The Martian
    Great book, with great characters, and a great story. I couldn't put it down.... more

  • The Heart of Everything That Is
    It was fascinating, providing as much as possible of the events of Red Cloud's war from the viewpoints of the Indians. It was very balanced, demonstrating the fierce clash of cultures that led to the Indian Wars. It is beautifully written, and although it would please any academic, it is very easy for the casual reader to understand. Recommended for anyone interested in the settling of the West.... more

  • The Kept
    The story starts with a tragedy that slowly unravels.... more

  • Alien Encounter
    Morgan first meets Lewis when Lewis is hanging from a tree branch with an epic wedgie. Their friendship gets stranger when the boys catch a glimpse of an alien in the woods near their houses. Morgan's mysterious neighbor provides clues about the alien, which leads the boys to a possible sasquatch sighting.... The story is funny, full of quirky characters and a realistic friendship between Morgan and Lewis, but never really gets off the ground. With the scene set for Morgan and Lewis to discover a sasquatch and other legendary creatures, hopefully book #2 will really take off!... more