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Kaesberg, Christopher P. Naperville in World War II. Naperville, Illinois: C.P. Kaesberg, 1981. (copyright permission granted) Once isolationist, Naperville became increasingly involved in the war with the draft, manufacturing for the war effort, Red Cross volunteer work, and women entering the work force. Interviews with Naperville citizens give examples of this participation.

Kroehler, Delmar Leroy and Kenneth Kroehler. Our Dad: His Career and His Philosophy. Texas?: J.M. Bundscho Inc., 1941. (copyright permission granted) Peter Edward Kroehler, born in 1872 in Minnesota, came to Naperville in 1893 to help run the Naperville Lounge Company with Professor J.L. Nichols. In 1915 it became Kroehler Manufacturing Co., a national leader in furniture industry innovation and marketing. At one time, it was the world’s largest furniture manufacturer. Peter Kroehler’s thoughts on salesmanship are included. Chronology.

Naperville Area Farm Families History. [Naperville, Illinois]: Naperville Farmers’ Riverwalk Committee, 1983. (copyright permission granted) Collected for Naperville’s Sesquicentennial are 150 farm family histories and 70 photographs of farms dating from the early 1800s. These hearty men and women worked tirelessly to bring Naperville from a prairie wilderness to a thriving city.

Naperville Centennial 1831-1931 June Fifth and Sixth 1931. Naperville, Illinois: Fort Payne Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, 1931. (copyright permission granted) This timeline of important events in Naperville’s history from 1831-1931 also describes the Centennial Memorial’s recreational facilities and includes letters and interviews with early pioneers.

The Naperville Cook Book Compiled and Arranged by the Ladies Social Circle of First Congregational Church, Naperville, Illinois. Chicago, Illinois: Brown-Cooper Typesetting Co. n.d. (1895?) (copyright permission granted) Recipes of members, arranged by subject with an index.

Naperville Fire Department, 1874-1999: 125th Anniversary: Naperville, Illinois: History of the Naperville Fire Department. Marceline, Missouri: Walsworth Publishing Company, 1999. (copyright permission granted) An account of how the Fire Department organized, grew, matured and prepared for the future. From bucket brigades to seven fire stations, services have greatly expanded. Lists of chiefs, rosters, equipment, major fires along with pictures.

The Naperville Fire Department: 125 Years of Service. 25 min. [Naperville, Illinois, 1999]. Videocassette. Produced by the Naperville Fire Department. (copyright permission granted) This film displays an extensive archive of pictures depicting fire footage, equipment obtained since the first Joe Naper Pumper, Fire Chiefs, fire stations, rescue operations, memorials to Naperville firemen and Naperville firefighters interacting with the community. Music accompanies the final montage of firefighters through the years.

The Naperville, Lisle and Eola City Directory 1923-1924. Chicago, Illinois: R.J. Swift, 1923. Buyers guide, ads, residents listed by city. (public domain)

The Naperville Riverwalk: the First 25 Years. 52 min. [Naperville, Illinois, 2007]. DVD. Produced By The Naperville Riverwalk Foundation in cooperation with Naperville Community Television, Channel 17. (copyright permission granted) The Naperville Riverwalk, a permanent memorial from the city’s Sesquicentennial in 1981, is considered by many as the centerpiece of the community. In its early years the DuPage River was used to power mills and for swimming and ice skating. By the 1970s it became polluted from industrial wastes. To revitalize the downtown area, the Riverwalk became a reality through contributions from businesses, organizations and volunteers and has since expanded from the center of the city. This film offers commentary from the original designers and architects, city mayors, and members of the Riverwalk Foundation which has established continued funding.

New Naperville: Urban Development in the Post-war Era. 56 min. [Naperville, Illinois, 2002]. Videorecording. Produced by Naperville Community Television, Channel 17. (copyright permission granted) This oral history project uses interviews and photo archives to trace the development of Naperville from a small town and the beginning of its growth after World War II to its status as the fourth largest city in Illinois. Growth factors include the need for housing for its veterans, the construction of the East West Tollway (I-88), the growth in atomic research at Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the move to Naperville by Amoco and AT&T Bell Laboratories, and the real estate boom which led to farm land being developed into subdivisions according to the city’s Master Plan.

Nichols, J.L. The Business Guide: an Outline of Business. 19th ed. Naperville, Illinois: J.L. Nichols & Co., 1935. (copyright permission granted) Originally published in 1886 with over three million copies sold by 1917, this handbook of legal and business forms was also a legal adviser and guide to business success. The author and publisher, J.L. Nichols, was a professor at North Central College and a Naperville and Library benefactor.

Nichols, J. L., ed.  The Household Guide: or, the Royal Road to Health. 13th ed. Naperville, Illinois: J.L. Nichols & Company, 1929. (copyright permission granted) Naperville benefactor, educator, businessman and publisher J.L. Nichols was famous for his household guides which made recommendations on diet, hygiene, home remedies, first aid, and diseases. Recipes are also included.

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