KidsMatter Award - Alice Reid

2013 Youth Service Award From the Naperville Public Library – Alice Reid

Alice Reid stands out as a volunteer at the Naperville Public Library for her ability to accomplish any project even in the face of challenges. No project is too big for her! Alice’s creativity and sheer determination makes her a leader who can achieve anything and can truly call a group to action. For the past 3 years, she has been a member of the library’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG Team), which is a group of teens in grades 6-12 who volunteer to help plan and run teen programs, and who strive to make the library a better place for young adults. Last year, Alice was the TAG Team vice president, and this year she is the team’s fearless president. As the vice president, she was in charge of creating videos to promote teen programs. She wrote and directed several films, including a commercial for the library’s Summer Reading Program. As the president, she has assumed charge of guiding the team and always encourages everyone to do more for the library. She has high expectations of the team, and she is the type of leader that her peers listen to, admire, and look to for direction. When she runs meetings, she has individuals write down ideas that pop into their heads. This gives everyone a chance to be included in the conversation, but also helps to make meetings efficient. She even creates small committees within the team and meets with them outside of regularly scheduled meetings in order to finish projects in a timely manner.

Alice has also volunteered at the library in other capacities, and has been a Summer Reading Program volunteer since 2009. As a Summer Reading Program Volunteer, Alice staffs the table for teens where she helps teens sign up for and participate in the program. She always has a smile on her face and makes sure that everyone understands the program.

Alice is an exceptional teen who has dedicated over 100 hours of her time to the library. She truly cares about her community and is always striving to make a difference.