Availability & Rates

Do I rent the meeting room rental in blocks of hours?
Yes. You can rent meeting rooms in three separate time blocks: Morning 9-12:30; Afternoon 1-4:30; Evening 5-8:30. You can rent consecutive timeslots at a discounted rate of 50% of the initial timeslot. Note: The full fee applies to all or any part of a time-slot.

What are the rental fees of the meeting rooms?

Meeting RoomFor Profit 
Non-ProfitKitchen/Food Service
Nichols Community Room*$140$70$30
Naper Blvd. Program Room$80$40Coffee pot only $20
Naper Blvd. Conference Room$50$25Food Not Allowed
95th Street, Room A/B$150$75$30
95th Street, Room A$80$40$30
95th Street, Room B$80$40$30
95th Street, Room C$80$40$30
Non-Resident Registered Reciprocal BorrowersAdd $10Add $10 

* Nichols Library Community Room is not available on Sundays.

What else can I rent?
The Library has the following available for use for an additional fee.

Piano & Audio/Video Equipment Rental
Piano (95th Street Library)  $30
Portable Overhead Projector for transparencies  $25
Portable LCD Projector with Renter’s PC  $25
Portable Video or DVD Player for TV or Screen  $25
Slide Projector (Nichols Library Only)  $25
Speaker System-Corded or Wireless Microphone (Nichols Library and 95th Street Library only)  $25
Built-In Overhead LCD Projector for Use with DVD Player Video Player or the Renter’s PC (Nichols Library and 95th Street Library only)  $25

Find Out More About Fees:

  • Nonprofit groups may be required to provide proof of tax-exempt status, a certificate of good standing from the State of Illinois, Department of Business Services, or other validation documentation.
  • The basic meeting room fee includes the setup and dismantling of chairs and tables, speaker’s podium excluding microphone, dry erase board, and screen, if requested. Only Library-provided tables and chairs may be used. 
  • Requests for equipment must be made at the time of application. Requests for equipment on the day of the event may incur a fee in addition to the rental fee.
  • Requests for minor changes to the setup or special needs desired on the day of the event should be directed to the Person-in-Charge (PIC).
  • With prior arrangements Information Technology staff will assist with initial equipment connections. The Library’s staff will not be present to operate equipment for meetings and programs.
  • Practice sessions for the piano or any equipment, including instructions, will require separate room booking and the corresponding fee(s)
  • Groups using amplified music at the 95th Street Library must reserve and pay for both segments of Room A/B.
  • Any costs for special cleanup or equipment repairs incurred by the Library may be charged to the applicant.