Games to play in the Children's Computer Lab

Play and learn at the library

Lab Location: Lower Level at Nichols Library and 95th Street Library; Upper level at Naper Blvd. Library

Internet access is not required
Here is the list of games:

Animal Match (ages 3-6)
Fix the mixed up animals in this puzzle game!

Arthur’s Reading Games (ages 5-7)
With six different fun-filled activities and five levels of difficulty, this game will entertain your child with hours of learning and fun!

The Birthday Party (ages 5-Adult)*
The Birthday Party teaches children appropriate social behaviors, interactions, expectations and safety with various peers and adults in a birthday party setting.

Blue's 1-2-3- Time Activities (ages 3-5)
Join Blue and all her friends in this activity pack filled with multi-level learning games. Preschoolers strengthen early math skills as they help Blue win Big Prizes at the Prize Tent!

Bob the Builder: Bob builds a Park (ages 3-6)
Help Bob and His Team Build a Park! Join them in 10 fun activities as they design a park, build a squirrel run, and help fix Spud's skateboard ramp!

Caillou: Alphabet (ages 2-6)
Join Caillou and his friends as they teach your child preschool alphabet skills. Play in English, Spanish, or French. Entertaining activities provide hours of fun and learning, and they're different each time you play!

Caillou: Magic Playhouse (ages 2-6)
It's a day of fun and games as Caillou's babysitter creates a scavenger hunt in the house! Choose from four exciting themes as you join Caillou, Gilbert, and all his friends as you search room-to-room looking for hidden treasure.

Caillou: Ready to Read (ages 2-6)
Master reading fundamentals in a fun way! Build educational success with activities that teach letter identification, word recognition, beginning phonics and more.

Dally Dinosaur Teaches Numbers (ages 4-6)
Learn to count from one to ten. Search for matching numbers. Count the objects in a scene. With the help of Dally Doo the friendly dinosaur it's easy!

Dora's Backpack Adventure (ages 3-up)
Dora, Boots, Tico the Squirrel, Benny the Bull and the rest of her friends will face seven challenges, collecting stickers every time they succeed!

Hearing Music-Classroom Edition (ages 5-up)
This series of fun-filled games breaks musical concepts down to patterns, visuals and easy exercises. Children learn to identify different sections of music, nuances in a melody and changes in rhythm.

Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster (ages 8-up)
Fritz is in charge of the castle when his parents go on vacation. It’s every kid’s dream until the dastardly King Black challenges the young stand-in king to a duel! Explore the kingdom and discover seven arcade-style games that explain chess basics.

LEGO® My Style: Preschool (ages 2-4)
Welcome to LEGO® My Style: Preschool, a magical 3D world that children can explore at their own pace. The inviting environment is tailored to your child’s individual needs. It is the ideal setting for you’re an introduction to numbers, letters, music, and art.

Magic School Bus-Earth (ages 6-10)
Join Ms. Frizzle and her class as they search for the rocks and minerals that are missing from Arnold's collection. Each environment you visit has its own games, experiments and activities. Listen to the clues for hints. Whenever you find a missing rock or mineral, add it to Arnold's collection and you're on your way to being a Master Rock Hound.

Math Missions Grades 3-5
Save Spectacle City by disrupting Randall Underling’s plan to drive all the stores out of business and take over the city. The citizens are counting on you to solve real-world math challenges in the uniquely entertaining stores and make them successful again.

Math Missions Grades K-2
Use real-world math skills to earn money for arcade games! Catch the bus, subway or ferry to travel through the city and tackle fun math challenges in the stores of Spectacle City.

Mind Reading (ages 5 - Adult) *
A live-action video library of all human emotions. It enables the user to study emotions and to learn the meanings of facial expressions and tone of voice.

My Community (ages 5-15) *
My Community teaches children appropriate social behaviors, interactions, expectations and safety with various peers and adults within their community. Settings include a restaurant, doctor's office, and grocery store.

My School Day (ages 6-15) *
Visit a typical school day, including the classroom, cafeteria, and the playground.

Plumo at the Zoo (ages 3-6)
Plumo invites you to visit the zoo animals, and to learn by playing games with them.

Richard Scarry's Best Activity Center (ages 3-6)
Visit different locations to participate in five main activities designed to help develop skills in logic, memory, spelling, counting, and artistic expression. 'The A-Maze-ing Hedge Garden' challenges reasoning and memory. A matching game is found at the post office, billboards become giant jigsaw puzzles, and activities at the ski chalet help improve spelling. Players can also stop by the observatory, where nighttime constellations present connect-the-dots fun.

SCRABBLE™ (ages 5-up)
With SCRABBLE® Champion Edition, Family Game Night is more exciting than ever! SCRABBLE® now has eight levels of the most revolutionary, advanced A.I. developed by National Scrabble® Association tournament champions that will challenge both the casual and tournament-tested SCRABBLE® player.

The Super Science Show (ages 7-10)
Friendly Bob Treebank hosts The Super Science Show where one or two contestants have fun with third, fourth, and fifth grade science.

Treasures of Knowledge: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?(ages 8 – Up)
Carmen Sandiego is up to her thieving high-jinks again and has stolen a valuable book, The Travels of Marco Polo! Your mission is to track her down by following the clues that have been left in countries all over the world.

* Provided by a grant from the Naperville Education Foundation, this game is specifically designed to help children with autism improve their social skills. 
Available on select computers.