2012 Teen Poetry Contest Winning Poems

6th Grade Division

6th Grade

1st Place: "The Farm" by Bruce Vandevender

Demings Lake Road in Adrian, Michigan
A place I go to relax
And enjoy the simple things in life.
I stop to smell the hay
And feed the sheep
And start to sneeze because of my allergies.
Driving the tractor
Makes me feel strong
Like the Hulk.
My brothers and I walk
Down the long, peaceful gravel country roads
And stop to catch a few frogs and toads
We sit and visit Lucky
Our favorite barn cat
She purrs and lets me stroke her long torso
Into the house we go
My nose is filled with delightful smells
That seem to cast on me some spells.
I help grandma with dinner
And grandpa with chores
And listen as we share our stories.
There is nothing more I love

Than being with family, safe from harm

Down on the Michigan farm.



 2nd Place: "Waves" by Quentin Parmenter

Waves pounded the shorelines
With power a person only dreamed
They could wield. I walked
With all a person needs
A personality and a being.
I watched the wave's slow creep
It calms me, soothes me
Into a dreamless slumber that
Feels like I am
Walking on silk, waves of soft,
Smooth, gentle, silk. The waves
Feel like ribbons of cream
Pouring into coffee. Smooth rich coffee
That splashes like waves
Upon a distant shore somewhere unknown
To everyone but me.


 3rd Place: "Persephone" by Mary Fosco

Persephone was playing in a field,
Looking for flowers to pluck.
When Hades came up from the underworld,
His intention was to abduct.

He snatched Persephone to the underworld,
Taking her down and down.
He forced Persephone to be his queen,
She could do nothing but frown.

Hades gave her pomegranate seeds to eat,
But little did she know.
That by eating food from the underworld,
She would be required to stay below.

When her mother, Demeter, thought Persephone was lost,
She went searching far and wide.
After a while she became distraught,
And she probably even cried.

Demeter went to her husband Zeus,
When she heard of Hades deed.
Zeus went down to Hades,
And he began to plead.

Hades said yes to Zeus' request,
And Persephone was free,
But forced to live in the underworld for part of each year,
She would forever be.

She lives in the underworld for winter,
And comes up in the spring.
She helps nature grow,
And flowers she will bring.



HONORABLE MENTION: "The Mile" by Ryan Ruocco
The Mile.
Even more tiring that swimming in the Nile.
The teachers act as if it's just a trip to Ikea.
But they're not the ones who run it, they
have no idea!
So before I know it, it's Mile Day!
I'll go practice my sarcastic "Hooray".
The teachers say a mile's not that far.
Ya. Sure. Right. If you're in a car!
So we walk to the starting point on the hill.
And I'm thinking about faking being ill
But before I know it, I hear my teacher
scream: "GO!" and we all dash!
We run as if we have an infected rash!
Already I'm getting tired
But I'm ahead of everyone! Should I keep
Going and be admired?
Or just stop and not risk it?


HONORABLE MENTION: "Sharks" by Claire Potter

Big, carnivorous
Biting, attacking, hunting
Bullies of the sea



HONORABLE MENTION: "Help" by Mary Cate Mihalik

Nobody feels right
When somebody calls them a nasty name
Or steals their one chance in fame

Nobody feels right
When they get picked on
Or don't get picked for anything

Nobody feels right
When they fail
Or when their friends bail
On them

Everybody feels right
When they are invited to play
Or asked to stay

Everybody feels right
When they aren't alone
And when they are safe at home



HONORABLE MENTION: "Books" by Sydney Relihan

Book Poem



HONORABLE MENTION: "Swinging for the Fences" by Jack Lapean

Baseball is a game when I really have fun.
I like to hit, to pitch and to run.
I hold the bat with a grip that is tight,
And I swing at that pitch with all my might.
I love the feeling when the ball is hit high,
And I'm getting ready to catch that pop fly.
I like getting that out at first base,
Then looking at the runner and seeing his face.
Baseball is a game where I have fun and I lead,
And with hard work and practice, I know I'll succeed.



HONORABLE MENTION: "If" by Alex Cooper





HONORABLE MENTION: "Unique" by Aimee Guay

Sometimes people stare,
Other times they glare,
But I don't really care,
Because I'm unique and I don't care who sees,
People always ask me why,
Then they pry and pry,
But I'm not shy,
Because I'm unique and I don't care who sees,
Most of the time people don't like different,
They call it weird,
But in my heart I know I'm steered,
In the right direction,
To being special, not perfection,
Because I'm unique and I don't care who sees.


HONORABLE MENITON: "The Windy City" by Nolan O'Rear

They skyscraper seem to reach up and touch the stars.
The elaborate lights are so brilliant they are just short of blinding.
As you walk down the grey weathered sidewalk the trashing wind whips against your face;
despite this you would still rather be here than anywhere else in the world.
This is the Windy City. The Willis Tower dominates the extravagant skyline.
The businessmen rush to their offices dressed in their dull grey and black suits.
You see tourists' jaws drop as they marvel at the miraculous city.
You can hear an old man playing a sad tone on his vintage saxophone.
For this is also the capital of jazz.
The Cubs are playing in the historic Wrigley Field.
Bright yellow taxi cabs honk their earsplitting horns.
The L passes overhead as you hear a loud click click click.
This is the greatest city in the world. This is Chicago.