2013 Teen Poetry Contest Winning Poems

6th Grade Division

1st Place: "Pablo, Changes, and Ham" by Shlok Sharma
Have you ever been thought as annoying?
A total killjoy?
Or someone in a choir that doesn’t sing?
That’s where I was
Until a few days ago
On a vacation in Europe
I just thought, “yeah, so?”
My family always muttered, “He does
Nothing and likes nothing.”
Then one day, I found my beauty in this stress
It was an art museum in Spain, I must confess
It was just showing Picasso,
Someone I thought I knew about.
In reality it was him I didn’t know
And it was him who changed me
At first when I went through
All I saw were the mixtures of red, green, and blue
When I looked closer, though
I saw much more
The style known as cubism
Which blended different angles together
Such as drapes from portrait and side-view
While still staying okay
I soon realized, taking things for granted
Something I have done and that others hated
Soon was unflavored by me
As I felt like I could finally see
All of the world’s beauty
Changed not only my perspective as my identity
I was now clever
More artistic, in a sense
A bit more sensitive, trying to find true meanings
Looking at things closer
I finally crossed that fence
Took off all the unneeded fur
Changed, Shlok I am
Taking that closer look at the green eggs and ham
And now I think he was right
The artist of course who changed me with his sights
“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth”—Pablo Picasso



2nd Place: "Away on Holiday" by Rachel C. England
Rolling Emerald grass,
Billowing golden fields.
Streams the look like glass,
Nuts and berry meals.
Cloudless deep blue skies,
Towering chestnut trees.
Peach and apple pies,
Butterflies and bees.
Sandy bays and treasure,
Crashing sapphire seas.
Days of infinite pleasure.
Cafes, cake and teas.
The sights of the country are exceedingly pretty,
I really enjoyed my retreat from the city.


3rd Place: "The Victim" by Maddy Engels
Skin pale and scarred from her feet to her ears
Light vulnerable eyes, constantly leaking tears
Never has a real smile
Come from her in quite a while
The once vibrant and happy girl
Has been overcome by this cruel, cruel world

Every day they push and shove
Constantly torturing from above
The words pierce like a knife
They tell her to take her life
Because of them this beautiful girl
Has been overcome by this cruel, cruel world

But no one comes to fix this broken soul
Although she desperately needs someone to fill the role
Maybe if she had a friend
She would not want her life to end
No one came though so this worthy girl
Has been overcome by this cruel, cruel world

At home she gets beaten to the core
Lying helplessly on the cold, hard floor
The father never treats her right
Using her as a punching bag after a fight
The sister always stays away
In hopes that she won’t turn into her sibling someday
This once strong, healthy girl
Has been overcome by this cruel, cruel world

One day she isn’t there
Leaving everyone in despair
They all search to find out why
Then someone emits a cry
A sealed note is on her bed
Patiently waiting to be read






 Honorable Mention: "Choices" by Calle Mennecke
The birds, the bugs, the squirrels, the bears
Nature all around us, but most people don’t care

The choices you make influence our world
If we keep this up as humans, the poisoned Earth will be unfurled

Appreciate the fresh air, and life teeming around you
Realize it could be the last time you hear the birds coo

Trees grow up and so do we
You’d think we’d get wiser, but it’s all about money

Let your age help you, it should make you wiser each day
Instead all people worry about is their daily pay

I say the wisest are the ones who choose to love our Earth
Still provide themselves and we’re thanking Earth from their birth

Don’t trash your home, it is our only one
Respect your life, respect our world, and it will never, ever be done




Honorable Mention: "Grains of Time" by Duncan Fox
Time, time. Where does it go, nobody cares, nobody knows, always
so near but always so far, you probably spend a lot in your car,
whenever you need it, there’s none to spare, but when you
need less, there’s more in the air, this you
can cherish, as if with a friend,
this you can waste, putting
you in a haste,
this you never
notice until
you need more,
this can make your
day quite a bore, you can
not buy it at a store, but you can
spend it there, galore, time helps us make
our sharing fair, tie helps us stay organized,
and keep us from being surprised, but one thing
that we all must know, from where it comes to where it goes;
no one will ever own the magic grains of time.



Honorable Mention: "Perspectives" by Aishani Shukla
You conceive winters as hefty pains
Slushy snow and bad migraines
I hail the season with an open jovial heart
Rejuvenating briskness and snow in the form of art
When summer comes along, you have a smile on your face
But I don’t care to go out in the sweltering sun and race
Unbearable heat and bugs galore
Induce me to want back winter even more
We are complete opposites, like day and night
But your perspective isn’t wrong, neither is it right
We have different opinions, tastes, and choices
An identity that reflects our individual voices
I adore cats, you love dogs
I enjoy reading, you go on daily jogs
An identity is the fact of who you are
And makes us different from others near and far

Honorable Mention: "Notice" by Shannon Piper
When you were walking in the hall, did you see the girl crying?
When you were in your class, did you see the boy spying?
Well, did you?
You need to get a clue
Open your eyes
And surprise!
There are things to notice
So focus!
Observe your surroundings
It may be astounding,
What you see.


Honorable Mention: "My Heart Hopes..." by Aishani Dixit
My heart hopes that
The world is more peaceful and happier
That there is tranquility and harmony
And everybody’s life more healthier.

My heart hopes that
Children around the world don’t face hunger or starvation.
And wishes even more that the world could just live as one nation.

My heart hopes that
Everyone’s treated with dignity and equality
And wishes even more that everyone has their own identity.

My heart hopes that
All children have a life that’s full of love and care
And wishes even more that they are able to fulfill the dreams that they dare.

My heart hopes
For a world where our planet would be our most precious possession.
And wishes even more that we treat mother earth with all our passion.

My heart hopes that
That there is no more war and violence.
And wishes even more that we all live as one but with

My heart hopes that whatever I hope and wish gets fulfilled very soon.
And wishes even more that we all soon realize that our lives are such a boon.


Honorable Mention: "Night" by Joy Chi
Sensitively, I leaned against the freezing glass window, pressing my head ever so gently against it.
Then, without even meaning to, something started to gleam, and glow, and shine so brightly, and I found myself leaning even closer to the cold window and fighting against the seatbelt that hung around my chest.
I stared at it longingly, awed that such little diamonds scattered across a midnight-dark background would be so beautiful, and that the sun of the night was appearing, but just a tint.
Clouds roamed softly and gracefully, dancing around the moon with just wispy air floating behind it.
The sky, to me, seemed to have dots of glow-in-the-dark paint everywhere, and I, once again, leaned closer but this time, I opened the window to the car.
Instantly, a frosty breeze came to greet me, and I took a deep breath, sighing at how wonderful it felt to feel fresh air.
Stars. They were everywhere, carefully sprinkled across the dark night, making it seem magical.
I smiled warmly, and continued to stare at it, even as the car zoomed at its highest.
The moon was now still, with no wispy, gentle clouds over it. It was completely silent.
The stars were now “raining” on me, and I was almost certain, for a fact, that it would.
I want to study the stars, I thought, still looking at the diamonds everywhere. I want to learn more about them.
I was lost in the thought, but the stars kept brilliantly and vividly glowing, so I continued yet to stare at them.
Never in my life had I seen so many stars before. Never. Even when I used to go stargazing; I never saw more than three stars.
But now I did, now I experienced how much I loved nature, how much I truly loved the night. How much I truly loved the sky.
Moon was waning, I knew, and it would be a New Moon soon. I pressed against the frosty window once more, feeling the hard glass underneath my fingertips.
Grinning, I turned away at the sky for a split second, returned my gaze on it, then, closing the window slightly.
Gently, I closed the window completely. I felt my palms, and they were bitter cold, but underneath had a hint of warmth.
As I got the car, I thought to myself, I wish we could go stargazing. Tonight would have been the perfect evening to do it.
Perhaps it could have been. A night where Spring was just beginning to rise away from the harsh climates of Winter.
I will never forget the stars and sky tonight. I hope I will see those exact same stars again sometime. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.
To me, it doesn’t matter because I will always see them in my heart.