2014 Teen Poetry Contest Winning Poems

6th Grade Division

1st Place: "Poetry" by Grace Andrews


Flow into my mind
Like a stream of whispering secrets,

Soothe my body,
Like lying down
While listening to a never ending song
With so many ways to sing.

Slip into my soul;
Fill the dusty cracks in my heart,
And rejuvenate them with new words and feelings
Carve emotions,
Plant dreams

Flowing beautifully and thoughtfully,
Like a stream from the heavens.
Lines are something only the creative can interpret.

But poetry is more than words,
Even more than pure feeling...
Poetry is meaning.

The meaning of sadness.
The meaning of anger.
Expressions form words,
As tears shape the syllables.

Poetry is also happiness.
It shows the meaning of life.





2nd Place: "Patchwork Heart" by Katie Southon


Everyone is individual

We piece together our hearts and our minds

Everyone is different

We give away pieces of ourselves to those we love and trust, and in return we receive pieces of their
Hearts to hold dearly, through good times and bad, forever

Everyone is important

Some people trade us harsh words, hatred, or sorrow instead of joy

Everyone is unique

Sometimes we borrow parts of books, characters, and feelings, and add them to the mix that creates a

Everyone is a dreamer

Anything can be part of your heart if you feel strongly enough about it

Everyone is breakable

We patch all these pieces together to form a whole heart, with pieces of everyone and everything

This pattern, this patchwork, makes everyone irreplaceable

Some may be mocked for their thoughts or actions, and it is our duty to help fill their hearts with kind
Words and shelter from the superficial voices and cruel actions

Everyone is fighting different battles

We learn over time to cherish the things we put in our hearts, gaining knowledge from them always

Everyone is a student

Every single person has the ability to make or break someone's day

The choice will determine what part of yourself you put in someone else's heart

Choose Wisely.



3rd Place: "True Beauty" by Allie Conwell






 Honorable Mention: "You Decide" by Divya Mandala


Don’t let people tell you who to be,

You tell them,

This is who I want to be

Don't let people tell you what to do,

You tell them,

I decide not you

Don't let people change your life,

Don't let their words become a knife

You are the ones that gets to choose,

You are the one that knows how not to lose

Tell them,

This is who I want to be,

I know how I want to lead,

I decide how to be me





Honorable Mention: "An Unwrapped Gift" by Brooke Knapp


As I play a tune

On this spring afternoon

Music fills my heart and soul

With its sound so full

As the birds take flight

The music alights

A sound that touches the hearts of many

Music can be played for any

Person who wished to hear it played

For it's not a treasure to be kept inside

Let it go and it will fly




Honorable Mention: "The Rainforest" by Paul Skaluba


A luscious landscape

Filled with wonder and awe

Made from water, rock, and sun

A great many streams and waterfalls too

Wherever the eye looks, there is beautiful nature for me , and you


Imagine a place, teaming with life

Full of creatures large and small

Green parrots caw overhead

Geckos scurry across the ferns and leaves

The coqui frog sings with pleasure

A green iguana rests on a sunny branch

And the tiny crickets chirp in harmony


Thousands of plants and trees abroad

Ferns, vines, and moss flourish amongst thriving trees

Blooming with flowers, bananas, and nuts

A land so grand and mesmerizing as this

No words could possibly describe what it truly is


Honorable Mention: "The Race" by Isabella Johnson


Legs back and forth

Heading north

Toward the end of the track

There is one thing I lack

To pass the girl ahead of me

Knee to Knee

I keep on going

I never start slowing

Sprinting so fast

Trying not to be last

The wind blowing

As cold as if it’s snowing

Fifty meters ahead

Is the ribbon that lead

Me to the finish line

To make victory mine

I am in the lead

Now all I need

Is to run through

The ribbon to make a new

Winner of the race

Staying on pace

I won!



Honorable Mention: "Family" by Michael Jacobson

Why not?


Even the most petty of people love each other
It's something stronger than us
No one can understand it
But you do
Its family

Even when teh worst fights come out,
Even when no one talks
You don't disperse
Stay together
Its family

You do so many things together,
Never wanting to be alone
Yet you like to be solitary
Because you are with

There may be bad and good traits,
You only see the good
Because this is your

Who cares?
Yea, sure!