2012 Teen Poetry Contest WINNERS

This year we had 180 entries spread across the three divisions! Each of our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be receiving a gift card to Anderson's Bookshop and an award certificate. Our judges certainly had their work cut out for them and so in addition to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners, they also named a few Honorable Mentions that deserved some recognition and an award certificate!

And now... the winners!!! Poems can be viewed by clicking on the links below!

High School (Grades 9-12)

1st Place: "The Old Woman Who Goes to My Church" by Meghedi Tamazian
2nd Place: "I Miss You: Words from the Past, Present and Future" by Ray Hilger
3rd Place: "The Sky May Be Gray" by Evangeline Reid 

"The Unspoken Truth" by Christine Ramirez
"My Art Teacher" by Hannah Zeeb


 7th & 8th Grade

1st Place: "How?!" by Michael Stern
2nd Place: "Music" by Sarah Balla
3rd Place: "Predator" by Shehla Chowdhury

"The Drumstick" by Mikey Williams
"Wings" by Jadah Keith
"Rebel" by Julia Ibsen
"Invisible" by Caitlin Ward
"Pirates Dream Too" by Alexandra Sapiega
"There's a Zombie on Your Lawn" by John Hattas


 6th Grade

1st Place: "The Farm" by Bruce Vandevender
2nd Place: "Waves" by Quentin Parmenter
3rd Place: "Persephone" by Mary Fosco

"The Mile" by Ryan Ruocco
"Sharks" by Claire Potter
"Help" by Mary Cate Mihalik
"Books" by Sydney Relihan
"Swinging for the Fences" by Jack Lapean
"If" by Alex Cooper
"Unique" by Aimee Guay
"The Windy City" by Nolan O'Rear 


Thank you to all our judges: from North Central College, Professor Jennifer Jackson (6th grade division) and Professor John Stanley (7th & 8th grade division) and this year’s Naperville Reads Author Luis Alberto Urrea (High School division.)

Next contest will be in April 2013!

This program is partially funded by a gift from the Gendell Family Foundation.