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  • Boys Without Names
    I like this book very much and is one of my favorite books. It taught me some Hindi words and gave me information about India and a picture of India.... more
  • Ninth Grade Slays
    I like the concept about how a 9th grade boy finds out that one of his teachers at Bathory High School is his Uncle Otis, his dead father's brother. I also like the twist of when he finds out that his best friend's cousin is a vampire hunter and he drives a wooden stake through Vlad's heart, because he learned Vlad was a vampire.... more
  • The Dying Breath
    This book is a super creepy and interesting mystery. It incorporates forensics into the book, which is very interesting to read about. It was full of action and I couldn't put it down after reading it! I would highly suggest this book to any mystery-lovers. A fair warning: you can read this book without reading the others by Alane Ferguson, but it will ruin the other books. Read her other books about Cameryn first, before reading this one. LOVE IT!!... more