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  • Champion : a Legend novel
    What a weird ending to this trilogy. certainly a twist most couldnt have predicted and quite sad too with the dramatic irony. but i guess it was kinda good there was no typical happy ever after.... more
  • Confessions of a Murder Suspect
    It's been a while since I've had the nerve to pick up a James Patterson books, especially after the last four failures of books of the Maximum Ride series. But seriously, talk about an unreliable narrator. The story also leaves a lot of loose threads hanging, but there's a sequel so all's dandy in the world. Give it a try. It's pretty good. Not the best mystery in the world (I've yet to find that) but still a thrilling read.... more
  • Poison
    This book is about Chelsea, a teenage girl who accidently stumbles across a mysterious phone call, which leads her and her friend Amber on the hunt for a killer. It is full of action, plot twists, and is a great mystery. I would highly recommend for any mystery lover.... more