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  • 13 Gifts
    Loved it! You get to revisit charactors from 11 Birthdays and Finally. Really cool story line.... more
  • Underworld
    It is an interesting sequel to the book Abandon. This book is #2 in the Abandon novel series and it leaves you hanging at the end. Luckily there's book three that is available after finishing the story. This book does give you some past in sight if you choose not to read the first book so it is not confusing, but it has its twists in turns. This book is a page turner that leaves you wanting to look ahead, which will be very tempting, but it will be worth it if you don't. It is has romantic side, so if your not into that you might not like this book. It also involves Greek myths and death as well. It also is very vivid due to the authors incredible descriptive choice in words. I do recommend you start with the first book in progress on, but in hindsight, I just hope any reader will look into reading this amazing series.... more
  • True(...sort of)
    This book was really good because it had a real life problem that people face. It also keep ones interest throughout the book. ... more