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  • Warriors: Outcast
    Loved it!! I just love it when the Warrior Clans help the Tribe Cats. When the Tribe needs help with intruders the Warriors are here to help!... more
  • Catch Rider
    I loved this book because it's all about having determination and no matter where you are on that social ladder you can always find a way to get to the top.... more
  • Requiem
    This trilogy was wonderful! I highly recommend you readers to give it a try! (First book is called Delirium). It combines a love story, not too cheesy, and a close friendship with a fascinating journey coming from the main character's point of view. 10/10 stars!!!... more
  • The Fault in Our Stars
    Ok this was seriously AMAZINGGG!!! I would have picked it as my prize instead of paying 13 dollars for it at the bookstore haha...... more