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    • Text the code asknpl or start and your question to 630-491-4949. You will receive an answer within 30 minutes. If the Library is closed, you will get a confirmation that your question was received. An answer will be sent shortly after the Library reopens. (Message and data rates from your service carrier may apply.) 

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Presenter Program Proposal

If you have a program you would like to present at the Library, please fill out the Presenter Program Proposal form. If your program meets the Library's programming guidelines, needs, schedule, and budget, someone will be in contact with you.

Outreach Guidelines

Naperville Public Library conducts outreach visits to specific locations in Naperville for the purpose of expanding the Library's services into the community and meeting the Library's strategic plan goal of maximizing accessibility. Reaching as many people as possible with a finite amount of staff time and resources means that sometimes we are unable to meet requests for library outreaches. As a general rule, the Library will consider requests for outreaches in the following instances*:

  • The location of the outreach is within the Library's service area.
  • There is expected to be 10 or more people in attendance at the event.
  • The outreach is limited to one visit per month.
  • The amount of time a Library staff member will be at an outreach will be three hours or less.
  • The Library is notified about the event at least one month beforehand.
  • Exact services requested for the outreach are communicated at the time of the request. These services must be agreed upon by Library staff before the event takes place.

*Exceptions to these rules can be made for special circumstances. All outreach requests will be subject to staffing availability.

For more information or to schedule an outreach, please contact one of the staff members listed below.

  1. Lindsay Harmon

    Phone: 630-637-6312

    Department: Business Services

  1. Maisie Iven

    Phone: 630-637-6152

    Department: Teen Services 

  1. Monica Minnick

    Phone: 630-637-6101