New Adult Books on Disc Nonfiction

Last Updated on Jun 27, 2017
Cover for Apollo 8: the thrilling story of the first mission to the moon
Cover for Churchill & Orwell: the fight for freedom
Cover for Death Need Not be Fatal
Cover for Democracy: stories from the long road to freedom
Cover for H. H. Holmes: the true history of the White City devil
Cover for Shattered: inside Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign
Cover for The new old me: my late-life reinvention
Cover for The novel of the century: the extraordinary adventure of Les Misérables
Cover for The radium girls: the dark story of America's shining women
Cover for Tuesday's promise: one veteran, one dog, and their bold quest to change liv...
Cover for What is the Bible?: how an ancient library of poems, letters, and stories c...
Cover for Wild ride