New Adult Books on Disc Nonfiction

Last Updated on Apr 30, 2017
Cover for A generation of sociopaths: how the baby boomers betrayed America
Cover for Change of seasons: a memoir
Cover for Cheech is not my real name... but don't call me Chong!
Cover for Conversations with God, a new and unexpedted dialogue. Book 4, Awaken the s...
Cover for Dear Ijeawele, or A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions
Cover for Fluent forever: how to learn any language fast and never forget it
Cover for For this we left Egypt?: a Passover Haggadah for Jews and those who love th...
Cover for Fortune makers: the leaders creating China's great global companies
Cover for Good grief: heal your soul, honor your loved ones, and learn to live again
Cover for Homo deus: a brief history of tomorrow
Cover for Lies we believe about God
Cover for No limits: blow the cap off your capacity
Cover for Only love today: reminders to breathe more, stress less, and choose love
Cover for Solve for happy: engineer your path to joy
Cover for South and west: from a notebook
Cover for Strangers tend to tell me things: a memoir of love, loss, and coming home
Cover for Tears we cannot stop: a sermon to white America
Cover for The 1997 Masters: my story
Cover for The Greatest story ever told--so far: why are we here?
Cover for The blood of Emmett Till
Cover for The first love story: [Adam, Eve, and us]
Cover for The true flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the birth of American Em...