Create a Target Company List with ReferenceUSA

Screenshot of ReferenceUSA

Get help with your job search with ReferenceUSA, a free digital database you can access from home with your Naperville Public Library card. The steps below will help you can create a targeted company list to find the perfect potential employer. (For a video tutorial, visit the Library’s YouTube channel.)

Begin by visiting the Library’s website to access the database, then use the Resources & Services dropdown menu to navigate to the Jobs & Careers page.

Scroll down and click on ReferenceUSA at the bottom right side of the page. From here, you will be automatically directed to log into the Library’s online resources with your Library card number and PIN. After logging in, the home page for ReferenceUSA appears.

There are two different areas of potential interest for job seekers: the U.S. Businesses search and the U.S. Jobs/Internships. The jobs are focused on information supplied by and updated regularly with new job listings; rather than applying through ReferenceUSA, be sure to visit the company’s website to apply directly.

To search the U.S. Businesses database, click on Search, then select the Advanced Search tab. The Advanced Search includes numerous features that can be used to narrow the focus; these are the left side of the page. After a limiter is selected, it is displayed in the middle of the page. The right side of the page shows the current number of companies that meet into your search criteria; clicking on Update Count will update that information.

Start with a Geography limiter such as Metro Area, then in the middle of the page, choose your state and local regions to narrow the results. For example, selecting Chicago-Npvl, IL will narrow the list to about 400,000 companies.

Adding a Business Size limiter such as Number of Employees will narrow the results and provide a better idea of the work environment. In the example above, clicking Update Count narrows the results to about 4,000 companies.

To truly create a targeted list, specify a Business Type using either the Keyword/SIC/NAICS or Major Industry Group limiters. This will help you narrow your list to companies in a specific industry.

Experiment with these limiters until you have created a list of about 100 to 200 results. When you are satisfied, click View Results on the right side of the page.

The results page shows information about each company, executive’s names, locations, phone numbers, and limited email addresses. Downloading this data as an Excel spreadsheet will enable you to edit and remove companies or highlight them during your job search.

To download your list, check the box at the top of each page of results. Then click Download, choose how you want the information downloaded (the default works well), and click Download Records. (You can also choose Email Records; ReferenceUSA will send an Excel document via email to the address you input.)

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask a member of the Naperville Public Library’s Business Team. You can also email them to schedule a virtual appointment for one-on-one assistance.

Good luck on your job search!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 8:45am