Virtual Programs @ the Library for Kids


Dancing Girl

Music and Movement with Miss Peg

Happy Monday! Miss Peg is here with a new Music and Movement program! This week, we're using a container and spoon to keep rhythm with the songs we sing! Boom, boom. Ain't it great to be crazy?


Macro shot of Bubbles

Sensory Time: Bubbles & Mindfulness

In this Sensory Time program for kids, Miss Lisa has two activities on breathing and mindfulness using bubbles! First, we're "blowing" away icky feelings by practicing calm breathing! Then, we're building a bubble mountain to increase mindfulness!


Paper Hearts

NPL Kids Crafts - 3D Heart

In today's NPL Kids Craft, Ms. Patty is here with a craft that will brighten up your day! Watch-a-long as she shows us how to make a simple, colorful 3D heart! Kids, be sure to get your parent or caregiver's permission before starting!


Index Cards

STEAM @ Home: Can You Fit Through An Index Card?

Miss Lynne has a question...Can YOU fit THROUGH an index card? Sounds impossible, right? Wrong!


Music and Movement

Music and Movement: Episode 3

Miss Nicole is back with another Music and Movement program to get you moving and grooving this Monday! We're singing songs, acting out Farmer in the Dell with our stuffed animals AND making trains with our fingers!


Butterfly Handprints

Kids Craft: Springtime Butterflies

In our latest NPL Kids Craft, Miss Liz is teaching us how to make a beautiful Springtime Butterfly using items found around the house. Kids, be sure to get your parent or caregiver's permission before starting!



STEAM @ Home: How-To Sew a Button

In today's STEAM @ Home activity, we're learning a useful life skill: how-to sew a button! There's three different types of buttons and Miss Deanna is here to teach you about each one! Kids, be sure to get your parent or caregiver's permission before starting.


Boy listening to music through headphones

Music & Movement: Episode 2

Miss Nicole is back to get your little ones moving! In this week's Music & Movement program, we're singing songs to our stuffed animals and waving scarves around!


Gale Kids Infobits

Learn how-to use Kids Infobits!

Need help researching a topic for school? With your library card, you have access to Kids Infobits, a collection of fun and easy-to-search resources for students in kindergarten through 5th grade.


Socks with stripes

STEAM @ Home: Stamp Collecting

Did you know you get art delivered to your house almost everyday? It's true! Have you ever looked at how pretty a stamp can be?


Socks with stripes

NPL Kids Crafts: Relaxing and Warm Rice Socks

In our very first NPL Kids Craft program, Miss Liz shows you how to create a rice sock that can be used to warm or relax you while at home! Bonus: It smells great, too! Kids, be sure to get your parent or caregeiver's permission before starting!


Kids dancing and clapping

Music & Movement with Miss Nicole

In our very first Music & Movement program, Miss Nicole is here with some songs to get your little ones moving! Listen along as those high-stepping horses go jiggedy jiggedy jog!



cute dog reading a book

Storytime with Miss Erica

Miss Erica's Storytime is all about dogs! Watch-a-long as she reads This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Byrne before singing BINGO!


repair man running with a toolbox

Storytime with Miss Rebecca

In today's Storytime, Miss Rebecca is giving us a tour of a toolbox! What will we find inside? Watch-a-long as she reads Mighty, Mighty Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker!


flowers on top of books

Kindness Storytime with Miss Julie

Miss Julie is here with a Storytime all about being kind! First, we're making a surprise breakfast for mom! Then, we're reading Try A Little Kindness by Henry Cole!


cute monkey reading a book image

Storytime with Miss Patty

In today's Storytime, Miss Patty gets a special call from her friend Mr. Monkey! Watch-a-long as she reads Stuck by Oliver Jeffers before we work together to make a magical kite!


cute horse reading a book image

Cowboy Storytime with Miss Amanda

Happy Monday! Miss Amanda's Storytime this morning is all about cowboys! We're playing hide-and-seek, reading Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy by Jan Thomas AND finding cowboy his hat!


cute llama reading a book image

Storytime with Miss Emily & Baby John

In today's Storytime, Miss Emily and Baby John share their favorite lapsit rhymes and dances! Watch-a-long and they read Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney! Reading to your kids is fun -- even if they aren't entirely paying attention!


cute chick reading a book image

Storytime with Miss Deanna

Miss Deanna and her dog Finn are ready for Saturday morning Storytime! Watch-a-long as she reads Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman! Also, Miss Deanna is kind of fuzzy on what day it is...did you know you can sing the days of the week to the tune of The Addams Family?!


cute hippo reading a book image

Sensory Storytime with Miss Heather

Have you ever heard a hippopotamus hiccup? In this Sensory Storytime all about hippos, Miss Heather reads The Hiccupotamus by Aaron Zenz, sings some songs and lets us know some fun facts about hippos, too!


cute owl reading a book image

Owl Storytime with Miss Lynne

WHOOOO can it be with a new story? It's Miss Lynne, of course, with a special Storytime all about owls! Watch-a-long as she reads Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood before a fun song about those beautiful birds with binocular vision!


cute bunny reading a book image

Storytime with Miss Lisa

Is it a rabbit? Is it a duck? Sitting comfy on a porch swing in her backyard, Miss Lisa reads Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Rosenthal in today's Storytime!


cute zebra reading a book image

Storytime with Miss Julie

Whether we're hugging our family, or friends, or even ourselves -- hugs can make us feel better! In today's Storytime, Miss Julie reads I Need A Hug by Aaron Blabey! Then, it's time for a flannel story all about balloons!


cute mouse reading a book image

Storytime with Miss Peg

Spring is here! It's time for nice weather, fresh air and a storytime from Miss Peg! Watch-a-long as she reads Mouse's First Spring by Lauren Thompson before we talk about the wind and rain!