Borrowing thru LINKin

If we don’t have it or it is checked out, LINKin can help.

LINKin service provides NPL card holders quick access to the collection of all partner libraries when items are not owned by the Naperville Public Library or are checked out.

What is LINKin?

LINKin is a resource sharing partnership between Naperville Public Library, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Cook Memorial Public Library, Deerfield Public Library, Elmhurst Public Library, Gail Borden Public Library, Skokie Public Library, Waukegan Public Library and Wheaton Public Library.

Currently there are over 500,000 unique items in the LINKin Libraries system that Naperville Public Library does not own but are accessible by Naperville Public Library cardholders at no cost.


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Who can use this service?
Any customer with a valid Naperville Public Library card in good standing can request materials through the LINKin catalog.
What is available through LINKin?
Books and AV items (including DVDs, audiobooks and music CDs) are available for LINKin borrowing.
What is NOT available through LINKin?
Certain materials such a new or special collections, newspapers and Nooks are excluded from LINKin services and will not be available for request. Items that are listed as “Available” at Naperville Public Library cannot be requested.
How do I REQUEST AN ITEM through LINKin?

From the Naperville Public Library catalog

  1. Search the Naperville Public Library catalog to see if the item is available for checkout. If available, click on the "Place hold" tab.
  2. If the item is not available, click on the red Search LINKin Partner Libraries icon LINKIN logo
    to transfer your search to the LINKin catalog.
  3. If a partner library has the item, the LINKin catalog will display the item record and the libraries that own it.
  4. If the item shows that it's available, click on the Request this Item link.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select Naperville Public Library, and click on the Submit above information button.
  6. Type your name and barcode number in the designated fields, select your desired pickup location, and click the Submit button.
  7. The catalog will display "your request was successful" and the transaction is complete. You will be notified when the item is ready for pickup.

From the LINKin Library catalog

Search the LINKin library catalog to see what's in the entire collection. Follow the same procedure as above to request items.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can submit?
There is a limit of 35 items that a cardholder can request. This number includes items requested but not processed, items processed and in transit, and items that the customer have returned but not yet checked in by the lending library.
How long does it take to get the material I requested?
The average turnaround time for LINKin items is 4 days. However, many factors can affect the delivery time such as those listed below:
  • If the request cannot be filled by the first lending library, the request will be automatically be resubmitted to the next LINKin library that has an available copy. This will continue until all LINKin libraries have been contacted.
  • Once the request has been processed, the item is picked up and sorted by a delivery service. This service operates Monday through Friday.
  • The item is then processed at our 95th Street location and then sent to the selected branch for customer pickup.
What is the checkout period for LINKin items?
Please see the Fees, Loan Periods and Renewals chart below.
How will I be notified when the items is ready for pickup?
You will be notified of your hold in the same manner as regular Naperville Public Library holds. You will receive a notice by email, mail or phone call depending on what you selected as preferred notification when applying for your library card. You can also check your account from the Naperville Public Library website as well as our Naperville Public Library 2016 phone app.
Where do I pick up LINKin items?
The item will be on the hold shelf in the same manner as regular Naperville Public Library holds. If using the self check computer, please be aware that the barcodes may be located inside of the front cover rather than the back cover.


LINKin - Fees, Loan Periods & Renewals

Items Loan Period Renewals Fine per day Note
LINKin - Books & AV Materials except DVDs 4 weeks 1x - 14 days $0.25 *
LINKin DVDs - Adult Fiction 1 week 1x - 7 days $1 *
LINKin DVDs - Adult Nonfiction 1 week 1x - 7 days $0.25 *
LINKin DVDs - Juvenile Fiction 1 week 1x - 7 days $0.25 *