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A pretend campsite with a tent, 2 camping chairs, and a stuffed campfire with logs is displayed in the Children's Department at Naper Blvd. Library

If you're looking for a reading adventure — and a chance to win prizes — beat a path to a Naperville library

Pack up your camping gear and a favorite book because Naperville Public Library's Summer Reading Program is back! Now through Aug. 15, you can "Read Beyond the Beaten Path" at the Library.

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stuffed Pokémon characters sitting on a blue plaid blanket having a picnic in front of the 95th Street Library

Pokémon Camp — three years in the making — debuts at Naperville libraries in June

Calling all Pokémon trainers: we're ready to give you a "pika" at Naperville Public Library's newest summer event, Pokémon Camp!

Intended to bring the world of Pokémon to fans of all ages, this three-day event will include a variety of activities from crafts, scavenger hunts, tournaments and 

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selection of different Mahjong game titles and game board

Naperville library explores South Asian spice mixing, mahjong and Chinese American stories

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Here at Naperville Public Library, we are highlighting the vital contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders that have shaped our nation.

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person reading outdoors, laying on back in the grass

Go on an 'Amazing Book' adventure with Naperville Public Library

Follow along with us this year as we take on the 2022 Amazing Book Challenge! Naperville Public Library's Amazing Book Challenge encourages readers to broaden their horizons by discovering new subjects and authors. To participate, register online and read one book from the month's theme to receive a small monthly prize.

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people jumping in the sun on the beach

Whether you're hitting the road, the beach or the couch, there's a 'spring break' book for you

Spring break is here, which means it's time to dust off your suitcase and start packing for an adventure! Whether you're ready to relax in the sand or get cozy in a quiet cabin, I've got six books that are perfect for your next vacation destination.

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book jacket covers for author Madeline Miller

Celebrating Women's History Month with a look at women who made big impacts

Women's History Month is a celebration of women's contributions to history, culture and society.
Celebrated every March, Women's History Month began in Santa Rosa, California, in 1978 as a "Women's History Week." The organizers chose the week of March 8 to correspond with International Women's Day.

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Book jacket for romance novel "A Princess Theory" by Alyssa Cole

Valentine's Day the perfect time to check out a happily ever after romance

If you're a romance reader, I guarantee someone has asked why you read them. While you could reply that the real world feels a little too suffocating lately and you just need some time in a fictional world where good people are rewarded with good lives, sometimes it's just easier to smile and return to the steamy scenes they so rudely interrupted.

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image of book covers of book ideas to read for the challenge

Up for a challenge? Naperville Public Library wants to take all on a reading journey

Follow along with us this year as we take on the 2022 Amazing Book Challenge, which encourages readers to broaden their horizons by discovering new subjects and authors.

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Picture of the book Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

For fans of 'page to screen,' there's plenty to look forward to in coming year

For moviegoers and book lovers alike, 2022 is shaping up to be a very good year. After the roller coaster ride cinemas took us on in 2021, including months-long production delays, many of these highly anticipated book-to-movie adaptations will finally be released.

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Despite COVID-19 adjustments, Naperville Public Library had a stellar year in 2021

As we continued to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, that didn't stop us from implementing great new services and improvements to make the library experience even better for our customers.

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Winter reading gets made even cooler when kids can earn prizes

Naperville Public Library's Winter Reading Program is off to a winter-ful start.

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Some of the best-loved holiday movies started out as books and make for worthy reading and watching this Christmas.

Many of the best-loved holiday movies are based on books well worth reading

We scouted out a few of the best books-turned-movies for you to pair together this holiday season!

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Disabilities Awareness Month graphic

Disabled may mean facing challenges, but there's no limit to living a full life

During the month of December, we are stepping into someone else's shoes and highlighting materials in which the main characters and/or authors are living with disabilities.

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An assortment of cookbooks for a gathering piled up on a yellow surface.

Warm house, holidays with recipes in these cookbooks

With fall in full swing and winter on the horizon, there's one thing we can all agree on - it's cooking season! Whether you're planning meals for Thanksgiving, Native American Heritage Day or a simple gathering with family and friends, these five tried-and-true cookbooks are sure to have you going back for seconds.

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Dinosaurs have arrived at Naperville Public Library for their annual celebration of all things prehistoric.

Dinovember at library means plenty of scary-fun delights

Throughout the month of November, the children's department at Naperville Public Library is celebrating what is affectionately referred to as Dinovember.

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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

This month’s recommendations explore tough topics including the challenges of living with depression, anxiety and ADHD as well as the effects of suicide. The digital display also highlights how mental illness can impact the lives of friends and family members of the one diagnosed.

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Star Wars Reads Graphic with BB-8 and an exploding Death Star in the distance

Feel like taking a trip? No better way to get there than a book and imagination

During the month of October, Lucasfilm and libraries across the country invite the public to experience it in a different way - through Star War Reads and all the books and myriad other things written about a galaxy far, far away.

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Autumn at the 95th Street Library

There's nothing like a book on an autumn day, so why not 'fall' for the arts at the same time?

This month, we invite you to "Fall for the Arts," as Naperville Public Library highlights dozens of titles featuring the arts and their impact on our everyday life.

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Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra ticket graphic with colorful background and music notes

Library offers free and discounted tickets to museums, attractions

While library books, movies and downloads allow Napervillians to explore world-renowned museums and landmarks from the comfort of their own homes, many don't realize the library offers customers free or discounted tickets to experience a variety of local cultural attractions in person.

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 NaperLaunch’s coworking space on the main floor of Nichols Library nurtures an environment of networking and collaboration with other entrepreneurs.

Nichols Library offers co-working space, mentoring, education programs

As of June 14, most Naperville Public Library services have been restored to full capacity. This includes NaperLaunch, the business startup services center and coworking space located at the Nichols Library in downtown Naperville.

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Opportunities abound to explore Hispanic culture

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in September by choosing a title or two from Naperville Public Library's digital display.

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Board games for children, teens and adults are now available for check out at all three Naperville Public Library locations.

Naperville Public Library brings games to the table

Whether you are looking for classics or modern hobby games, light card games or deep strategy games, children's games or party games, there is something for everyone.

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Naperville Public Library's Sensory NPL app icon surrounded with cute shapes.

App can help people with autism, sensory issues enjoy library visit

For people with autism or sensory processing disorders, going anywhere new can be challenging.

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Cultural Differences in Communication sign with greetings in various languages in the background.

Books reveal how communication is the heart of every human connection

Communication is the essence of relationships. It allows people to not only explain their needs but helps them connect with others throughout their community.

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During a recent Storytime on the Riverwalk, attendees listen to a reading of “Foxy” by Emma Dodd, where a magical fox helps a little girl get ready for the first day of school.

Don't forget about all the ways Naperville library can help as kids head back to school

Pencils are sharpened. Lunches are packed. But does your student have their Naperville Public Librarycard ready to go?

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close-up photography of beige ceramic coffee cup on top of Joseph Heller book

Classic literature is more accessible than readers think

To Kill a Mockingbird. 1984. Pride & Prejudice. Catch-22. Each of these novels is considered a timeless treasure, a piece of literature that impacted generations with its themes and social commentary.

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Shelly Weiser in front of the Community Art Exhibit at Nichols Library.

Master woodcarver's artworks on display at Nichols Library

Naperville Public Library welcomes Shelly Weiser as the latest artist to be featured in the rotatingcommunity art exhibitatNichols Library.

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Harry Potter books strewn all over

Naperville librarians rate how 7 Harry Potter books stack up

In honor of Naperville Public Library's July celebration of "The Party That Shall Not Be Named" and all things Harry Potter, library staff were given the task of ranking each of J.K. Rowling's seven original Harry Potter books.

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Cute cartoon car with books floating in the air.

Need a little entertainment for the road trip? - Relax, there's an audiobook for that

With summer in full swing, the librarians at Naperville Public Library have put together a list of audiobook recommendations for you to enjoy on your next road trip.

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Slanted and striped 'Pride' rainbow-colored typeface with various pride-related vector art.

Naperville library embraces all cultures, orientations, races

Naperville Public Library is committed to providing materials, services and programs that represent a wide array of cultures and experiences so all members of the Naperville community feel included and represented.

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A colorful arch of different colored balloons in the 95th Street Library Children's Department

Is there anything better than reading? Yes, winning prizes for it

Naperville Public Library’s summer reading program is in full swing.

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Children, including Patty Daniel’s grandsons,play on the new virtual play floor during the grand opening on Monday, June 7, 2021.

Nichols Library's new virtual floor space embraces idea that kids learn through play

New virtual play floor dedicated in memory of librarian who advocated forlearning through play.

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Naperville Public Library card held in front of a self-check out computer

Naperville libraries nix overdue fines, but don't push it longer than week

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Naperville Public Library’s elimination of overdue fines.

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