Naperville Public Library names Ellen Conlin new Deputy Director

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS –Nov. 10, 2020– Naperville Public Library has named Ellen Conlin its new Deputy Director. Conlin, who most recently served as Library Manager, 95th St. Library, started her new role last week.

“I hope to continue to lead NPL in a positive direction as an award-winning institution and a leader among libraries,” Conlin said. “I’m looking forward to growing our connections in the community, making new partnerships, and working with staff to implement new, ambitious ideas and services.”

Conlin’s career began at NPL when she was hired as Children’s Services Librarian in 2014. Since that time, she has been promoted to Children’s Services Supervisor and Library Manager for both Naper Blvd. and 95th St. Libraries. As Deputy Director, she succeeds Karen Dunford, who retired last month after a 32-year career at NPL.

Executive Director Dave Della Terza believes that Conlin contributes immensely and positively to everything she does.

“Ellen is really passionate about what she does at the library,” he said. “She brings a contagious enthusiasm to work and is excellent at building and maintaining relationships with staff and community members. I couldn’t be happier to be working beside her to bring excellent library service to the Naperville community.”

A lifelong reader, Conlin’s love for books, and by extension, libraries, began when she was just a child. Without any central air conditioning in her house, she often went to the public pool. However, since the pool opened at 1 p.m., she needed to find somewhere cool to hang out.

Of course, that place was her local library.

“I came to see the library as such a unique institution; anyone was welcomed, access to all types of information was encouraged, and you didn’t need to have money or stature to partake in what was inside,” she said. “Those same tenets drive my passion for libraries as a community hub today. We are welcoming to all, we provide equitable access, and we strive to carefully spend our budget in a mindful way so that the community can have exciting experiences and availability of a wide variety of resources.” As she starts her new role during an uncertain time, Conlin is excited thinking about the future and how new ideas and innovations have come out of re-shaping library services during a pandemic. One of her immediate projects as Deputy Director is creating a new culture code for the organization.

“This is something that is near and dear to my heart because I love working for this organization and I think it’s important that we communicate what makes it great and how we can improve,” she said.

Conlin currently lives in Berkeley with her husband Adam, son Harrison and cat, Sasha. Her hobbies include reading, the outdoors and snacking.

After all these years – and all that time spent waiting for the pool to open -- that girl who fell in love with libraries is now helping lead one.

“I love working for NPL because as an organization, I think we exemplify my love of libraries in general,” Conlin said. “The staff here go above and beyond to serve the community, and we are incredibly lucky to work in a community that appreciates and utilizes our service.”

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