Naperville Public Library unveils new branding to kick off National Library Week

Monday, April 4, 2022

Naperville, IL – Naperville Public Library unveiled a new logo and refreshed branding at each of its three locations Monday morning. The launch of the new brand coincides with National Library Week, a nationwide celebration of libraries and all they offer to the communities they serve.

Customers can join the Library in celebrating all week long with special giveaways and contests. Cardholders can also trade in their library card for one with the new logo at any customer service desk.

“Our rebranding project set out to be more than just an updated logo,” said Naperville Public Library Executive Director Dave Della Terza. “We hoped to refresh the entire look and feel of Naperville Public Library’s marketing to better engage our current customers and encourage non-users to explore our services.”

The marketing agency Joy Riot, based in Alexandria, VA, was selected to lead the brand redesign last August. Following months of research that included conducting focus groups and administering surveys, Joy Riot used feedback from over 600 stakeholders to put together the new brand recommendations.

The new logo itself was inspired by 3D paper art and the idea that something seemingly simple, like the two-dimensional pages of a book, can become an engaging, three-dimensional masterpiece.

Much like readers can interpret a story differently, the new logo was designed with a lot of hidden meaning that may or may not be seen depending on each individual viewer’s unique perspectives:

  • The purple, green and orange banners are meant to look like Ns, representing not only Naperville but each of the three library locations – Nichols, Naper Blvd. and Ninety-Fifth Street.
  • Together, the banners wrap around an invisible column, reminiscent of a “staircase of knowledge” that curiosity-seekers can climb on their intellectual journey.
  • Each banner can also be manipulated to form the shape of a book, with the detail on the inside of the banners representing book pages.

The bright color palette of purple, green and orange is meant to convey the Library’s warm and inviting nature. Purple was selected because it is the color of wisdom and imagination. Green represents stability and harmony, and orange evokes creativity and enthusiasm.

“We believe Joy Riot summarized it best in saying, ‘Naperville Public Library is more than a traditional community library. It is a safe haven where curiosity is encouraged, tough questions are explored, and innovation leads to endless opportunities,’” said Della Terza. “We know our new branding will help convey this idea to the Naperville community and will continue to set our five-star library apart in the years ahead.”


Naperville Public Library serves the fourth-largest city in Illinois and a community of 148,000 people at its three locations: Nichols Library, Naper Blvd. Library and 95th Street Library. The Library has received the prestigious five-star rating from the Library Journal almost every year since the inception of the award in 2009, including in 2020. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the library has continued to host a wide variety of virtual events, offer curbside pick-up and open its doors for socially distanced browsing, check out and workspace as allowed by health department and State of Illinois guidelines. For more information about the library, visit

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