The Party That Shall Not Be Named

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Monday, July 20 - Friday, July 31
Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday with two weeks of virtual Harry Potter-themed programs and activities!

Date Activity
Monday, July 20 Costume Contest

Share your Harry Potter-related costume with us on the library’s Facebook! We’ll vote on our favorites and winners will receive Harry Potter swag.

Tuesday, July 21 Wizard Word Search

You don’t need magic to find the words hidden in this search, but it helps. Have fun finding the 32 magical words.

Wednesday, July 22 Pottering Around Town

Print out Harry’s glasses, don his lightning scar and take a picture of yourself around Naperville! We’ll share our favorite pictures on social media!

Thursday, July 23
7 p.m.
*Hidden Harry Potter

Learn the secrets behind all the thrilling Potter films.

Friday, July 24 Hogwarts’ Library Quiz

Hermione’s checked out SO many books from the Hogwarts’ library. Take this quiz to learn which book to read next. Hope it’s not from the restricted section!

Saturday, July 25 Golden Snitch Magnet Craft

Make a Golden Snitch Magnet using a bottle cap and wings. Supplies can be picked up at the Adult Services desk.

Sunday, July 26 Howler Bookmark

Make a Howler Bookmark to hold your place in your book. Supplies can be picked up at the Adult Services desk.

Monday, July 27 Wand Making

No need to go to Ollivander’s to buy a wand, Miss Deanna will demonstrate how to make one almost as powerful as Harry’s.

Tuesday, July 28 Potions

Enjoy a Potions class where you may learn how to bottle fame, brew glory, or stop death. Miss Amanda will share potion making tips and tricks.

Wednesday, July 29 How to Make Your Own Daily Prophet Page

Rita Skeeter isn’t the only journalist at the Daily Prophet. Learn how to create your own Daily Prophet front page, including how to edit text and insert a moving picture.
Link - Download Project Files

Thursday, July 30
6:30 p.m.
*Remembrall Trivia

Muggles can test their magical knowledge during a rousing night of virtual Harry Potter trivia.

Friday, July 31 Costume Contest Winner Announcement
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